Mama’s baby need bean bags

We are a business with our main aim to offer reasonably priced, quality children baby bean bags through our cautious sourcing. We understand what it’s like to be a parent and needs that come along with this beautiful relationship. All our products go through the standard testing procedure and tried for ensuring ultimate comfort factor.

Why people seek out products?

Each bean bag accompanies exchangeable seat covers. They are harnessed (babies) and not harness (toddlers).

Our products provide ultimate comfort to babies with a colic or reflux and avoid the flat head.

They have waterproof based material implies that the bean bags naturally are durable and solid.

Our product’s cover along with filling complies with the standard regulations for furniture, furnishings and fire safety.

We boast ourselves on continually surpassing consumer expectations. Also, we are committed to hard work to guarantee that customers are totally content with your buy.

Product information

Each bean bags come with seat covers which are ideal for babies as well as smaller children. These super delicate velvet covers can be detached and washed without uncovering the internal filling.

We have included exceptional safety features in our baby bean bags. All our baby bean bags are designed and manufactured with safety and soundness in mind. Filling material has a few beads inside, which can potentially increase the risk of choking hazards. A paper clip is provided which is needed to open the bag.

Product Care

Our bag covers are appropriate for cool fragile machine wash. They are ideal to keep them in a washing bag or a net.

Try not to tumble dry.

Utilize moist cloth material with or without gentle cleaning solutions on the body our bean bags.

Moreover, if you have any questions related to our products you can always contact our customer support service. We are always ready to help.